Meet our Teachers

Heidi van Maanenberg

b.YOGA Founder

After practicing yoga on and off since I was 18, I decided to do my teacher training in 2013 with Jayne Hope Williams,  Australia Institute of Yoga. 

After my studies I started running some casual classes and b.YOGA was born.  My approach to yoga is very practical and down to earth.  My ability to laugh at myself makes my classes fun, honest and keeps things real.  My passion for yoga in general gives my classes a challenging edge that is suitable to each individual.  Lately yoga is being presented via social media in the west as some kind of gymnastics Olympic movement with lots of contorting, splitting and handstands. For the advanced yogi this is great, for everyone else it is misleading.  Yoga is so much more.

The majority of our students come to b.YOGA because;

-they cant touch their toes.

-their anxious and can't breathe because life's so overwhelming.

-their lower back pain is only getting worse with exercise.

-they cant get back up off the floor once they are down.

-they are overweight and need suitable props/modifications.

-their bodies aren't responding to movement the same as it has in the past.

-they cant sleep.


-alignment issues reoccurring.

.....the list goes on. 

These are the students and future students of b.YOGA

Yoga has taken me to many places where I have studied with some amazing teachers internationally, I love bringing this knowledge back and sharing it with my students. Yoga to me is about growth, seeking my authentic truth and community. 

I look forward to meeting you when you are ready. 

See you on the mat.

Om Shanti,


Deb Ellis

Yoga has been a part of my life on and off for the past 17 years, but really solidified in my life 3yrs ago when I took part in a restorative yoga class with Heidi. I have a history with anxiety and found yoga to be the one thing that helped to restore my energy, balance my emotions and really support my mental health.

My love for yoga and how it made me feel led me to wanting to know and understand more about this ancient practise. In turn I then wanted to support others to experience the benefits of yoga for themselves and as a result I commenced yoga teacher training studies. In addition to my core studies I have completed foundation and advanced courses in zenergy kids yoga and 15hr restorative training with Lizzie Lasater.

I believe yoga is for everyone, no matter your age, body type or level of flexibility. We live in a fast paced, always connected global village where we are continuously stimulated and most of us feel like time is passing way too fast and there is always something “to do”. 

My truest passion is Restorative yoga in particular. This is the practise of deep rest, stillness and finding comfort in silence. There is an emphasis on “being” rather than “doing” . It is allowing the body the space and time for true relaxation and healing.

I look forward to you joining me for a restorative class soon


Michelle Vogelpoel

I found yoga around 4 years ago when I went to one of Heidi's classes and found that that it was so much more than stretching or exercise.  That sense of being completely still and in touch with my breath became an integral part of my life in the years to follow.  I was so moved by how I felt practicing yoga that I wanted to share it with others.  My passion is with Aerial Yoga, using the silk as a prop and support to take asana practice deeper.  Learning to trust myself and instincts while in the silk has been extremely useful in my personal life.  Yoga has helped me find my balance, inner strength and that much needed quiet. 

Come and join me for a class! 

I look forward to you joining me on the mat.