Community Work

Cambodia 2016 - 2019

b.YOGA has assisted the Cambodian Clean Water & Toilet Project since 2016 with local fundraising via the students.  100% of the profit we raise goes directly to the project.

To date we have raised $67,000 that has resulted in;

*97 toilets installed

*10 clean water bores

*100 pairs of crutches donated to rehabilitation hospital

*Contributed to the build of 3 houses

*Installment of irrigation system for Kitchen of Hope

*Re-developed toilet block for Cambodian Children of Hope Education Centre

*New road for a village

*Supplied over 600 handmade sets of clothing for village children

*Organized 280 hand made bears to be knitted and delivered to children

Our Spiritual Adventures see students take ownership of their yoga practice on and off the mat.  Money for toilets and fresh water pumps is raised with community events, such as movie nights, curry dinners, auctions, raffles, calendars and various other events.  This is all done by the students.  We then travel to Cambodia and help assist with the digging and installation of the toilets/pumps. 

Local Community Work

We run many fundraisers to support our local community throughout the year, they include;

-Violence against women PCC



-Drought Angels

-Local Primary Schools